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Also not that logically partitioning an IP address is different than writing an IP address in 4 parts, that’s just a notation. So to keep things simple we generally divide an IP address in two logical parts. One is network part and the other is host part. Network part is like street, city, state which is shared by multiple IP addresses.

IPv4: The way IPv4 addresses are constructed means it's able to provide over 4 billion unique IP addresses (2 32).While this is a large number of addresses, it's not enough for the modern world with all the different devices used on the internet. IPv6: IPv6 supports 340 trillion, trillion, trillion addresses (2 128).That's 340 with 12 zeros! Are We Really Running out of IP Addresses? (with pictures) Jun 01, 2020 Plesk Migrator shows warning: There is not enough free PLESK_INFO: There is not enough free exclusive IPv4 addresses on target Plesk to map all source exclusive IP addresses. This subscription will be migrated to default shared IP address Add more free exclusive IP addresses to target panel or change IP addresses of …