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OpenVPN to route all / selective traffic to a client OpenVPN GUI for Windows is a decent OpenVPN client for Windows, including GUI, as mentioned in its title. In order to set it up, download it, install it and copy the files /etc/openvpn/ca.crt, /etc/openvpn/mk-gateway.crt and /etc/openvpn/mk-gateway.key into C:\Program Files\Open VPN\config\ and finally create the config file config.opvn VPN — OpenVPN — Routing Internet traffic through a site-to Set up OpenVPN at Site B ¶ From the VPN menu choose OpenVPN. On the page under the Server tab, click the + button to create a new OpenVPN server. Christoph’s OpenVPN Mini-FAQ – Note: the iroute statement best belongs in the ”client-config-dir” directory. The route statement needs to be in your global server configuration file. Also don’t forget to route that network to your OpenVPN server. The route and iroute statements will just tell OpenVPN that this network is supposed to be reached through a VPN tunnel.

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Nov 15, 2009 · What iroute does, essentially, is to tell OpenVPN to create an "internal" OpenVPN route to that network via a specific peer. Of course this is a per-client configuration fragment (because each client can have different networks behind it), so the right place to insert this information on the server is in the client config directory. Iroute is a route internal to openVPN, and has nothing to do with the kernel's routing table. It tells openvpn which client owns which network. Note that even if you only have 1 lan behind 1 client, YOU STILL NEED IROUTE. You will need it any time a clients source IP address is different from the IP given to it by the vpn server. Using iroute in OpenVPN server. Ask Question Asked 3 years, 2 months ago. Active 8 days ago. Viewed 2k times 1. I am attempting

to your openvpn config file on the vpn client. will add the route automatically when you connect Bonus: openvpn also has a up / down directive that allows you to launch a script on connect to VPN. This can allows you to do any custom action like setting DNS, routes etc.

Sep 07, 2012 · The most obvious method of configuring OpenVPN is through the DD-Wrt web interface (WebGUI). This stores the configuration, certificates and keys in nonvolatile memory (nvram). In many routers, there may not be enough nvram to store all this information. To show the amount of nvram available, use the command “nvram show | grep size:”. Enter route and iroute, push a static IP to the backhaul via CCD file on one of the openvpn servers, this all works perfectly fine as expected. The problem is I need to add redundancy to these backhaul devices, similar to the single connections being able to round-robin choose a server at random. Aug 06, 2019 · Client Specific Override iroute entry seems to have no effect¶ When configuring a site-to-site PKI OpenVPN setup, an iroute statement must be configured using the Remote Network fields on the Client Specific Overrides entry set for the common name of the client certificate. mkdir-p / etc / openvpn / ccd cat << EOF > / etc / openvpn / ccd / client ifconfig-push iroute push-remove redirect-gateway EOF cat << EOF >> / etc / openvpn / server.conf client-config-dir ccd route push "route" EOF / etc / init This is known as client-side routing. Client-side routing in OpenVPN requires a CCD file for that client containing an iroute statement. It also requires a corresponding route statement in the OpenVPN server configuration file. Consider the following network layout: