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How to Add Multiple Gmail Accounts on iPhone and iPad Jul 03, 2020 iPhone mail setup - googlehelp - Google Sites Google Sync now supports Mail, as well as Contacts and Calendars. This allows new mail to be "pushed" to your phone immediately upon receipt, rather than having your phone check for new mail every 5-10 minutes. See the iPhone Sync setup instructions to setup your iPhone. How can I setup my G Suite e-mail on my phone? - Help Jul 27, 2018 Google Account

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Gmail on iPhone

To access these settings, you will have to go to email settings from your iPhone and then add accounts then enter name and password and then you are done to enjoy the superb services at your fingertips. Google Outgoing Mail Server: Gmail outgoing server is SMTP. SMTP stands for … How to Fix Gmail not Working on iPhone, iPad and iOS Device Nov 25, 2019 Add an email account to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch